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15 Best JQuery Image Slider Plugins and Tutorials

July 6th, 2013 | by
15 Best JQuery Image Slider Plugins and Tutorials

JQuery is free, open source, small, fast and feature rich multi-browser JavaScript library first released in 2006 by John Resig.  It is most popular JavaScript library in use today. Its favorite among web developers and they use it on multiple platforms because JQuery is powerful, flexible and feature packed library that could be used to improve and simplify the client –side scripting.

JQuery simplifies cross-browser issues. It has made file sizes smaller and load times faster. JQuery makes writing JavaScript fun. Each function of Jquery is applied through JavaScript, so basic knowledge of JavaScript is must here.

Jquery library contains a nice event handling system which is compatible with all the underlying JavaScript events. It provides cool user friendly API for easily manipulating, traversing and animating DOM elements. Jquery has change the way for most developers to write and use JavaScript.

JQuery image slider plugin

At present trend of using Jquery effects is increasing and more popular on websites. Among those JQuery effects, website developers widely use JQuery as image slider or image gallery, which can be practiced and applied easily by using lots of Jquery image slider plugins. Today many websites in field of education, photography, portfolio, blogs, industrial, social networking, etc have slide show of pictures, features, cool interface and other effects easily implemented using JQuery effects. JQuery image slider effects are being used majorly to develop such interface of particular website to meet user requirements.

Using Jquery image slider plugins one can apply many effects to an element, which may be a picture, data or some features on website. Many excellent plugins are available that can be used to easily add a slideshow within minutes but each plugins are unique in its features and style. Using many such available Jquery image slide plugins one can apply different transition effects like shuffle, zoom, fade, etc to elements and so they are extensively used in websites of photography and portfolio.

Such plugins are also used to improve and develop user interface, effects, widgets, themes and for building highly interactive web features and applications. Mostly Jquery image sliding plugins  are used to attribute animation effects to an element such as displaying & hiding elements using custom effects, removing classes from element, color animation to element, and other riche features like Date picker, Accordion, Tagging, slider, Tabs, Sorting of elements, Dragging , selection of element, resizing the element.etc.

The main purpose of JQuery image slider is to develop interface that can establish user friendly interaction between user and particular website. Here we collected 15 best JQuery image slider plugins and tutorials for inspiring you. Hope you will enjoy it!

jQuery Image Slider – Amazing Slider

Amazing Slider jquery image slider

jQuery Image Slider – Sliderwall


jQuery Image Slider – Sliderdeck

Sliderdeck jquery photo gallery

Orbit JQuery Image Slider

Orbit JQuery Image Slider


Wowslider jquery plugins

Rotating Image Slider

Rotating Image Slider

Portfolio Zoom Slider

Portfolio Zoom Slider


Slicebox image slider

Featured – Likno Web Scroller Builder



Iosslider jquery slide


Slidorion jquery image slider plugins tutorial

Nivo Slider

Nivo Slider


Pikachoose jquery photo gallery

jQuery Image Slider – Flexslider


Blueberry Image Slider

Blueberry jquery slide

Unoslider jQuery image Slider plugins




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